Introducing Chandar Lal, Mosaic’s new Principal

Published on
July 4, 2022
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Introducing Chandar Lal, Mosaic’s new Principal

When we started Mosaic, we were clear about the kind of firm we wanted to build: a close partnership founded on curiosity, continuous learning, intellectual honesty, and teamwork. 

More precisely, we opt for a thesis-driven, proactive strategy – rooted in long-term analysis of markets, rather than the pursuit of momentum. This is fundamental to how we find the best founders to partner with, and how we work with them as thought partners in the years that follow.

As this strategy materialises, we’re excited to announce that we have promoted Chandar Lal to Principal.

Since joining us two and a half years ago, Chandar has led our research efforts, and played a key role in the investments we have made in our second fund. He’s also thrived culturally at Mosaic, and helped us build the firm – not least by finding great talent to grow our investment team. 

We enjoy his obsessiveness not only in finding great companies, but also in optimising the coffee and cycling gear in the office. We’re excited to work with Chandar in the next chapter of building Mosaic.

In his own words:

Why did you become an early-stage investor?

Put simply, I want to commercialise tech that’s useful for the world. I can’t think of a more scalable way to do so than via early-stage venture.

In the first meeting with an entrepreneur, what do you look for?

I'm excited by founders who have obvious mastery of their domain, and the deep self-belief that comes with it. I love teams who can articulate a complex concept in simple terms, and then lay out a clear route to market leadership.

What have you enjoyed most about working at Mosaic?

The abundance of people to learn from. It’s a privilege to spend time with such a wide range of ‘outlier’ founders – all remarkable in their grit, expertise, and relentless focus on building enduring companies. Likewise, it’s a pleasure to be surrounded by a small and fiercely intelligent team who always have something to teach me.