Why we invested in Zerion

Published on
July 7, 2021
Toby Coppel
Why we invested in Zerion

If you’ve interacted with DeFi before, you’ve probably been down the rabbit hole. 

Like us, you started out wide-eyed with excitement at the idea of a new, trustless financial system. Perhaps you were enticed by the prospect of yields that could outperform any other asset class. And so you decided to get involved, and you discovered that things aren’t exactly straightforward. Your visions of easy, open finance were quickly dispelled – and replaced by tab-surfing as you got to grips with MetaMask, Etherscan, AMMs, gas prices, and an impenetrable world of degens and chads. 

So how do we solve this user experience problem, and bring DeFi to the mass market? 

Enter Zerion. Evgeny, Vadim, and Alexey have blown us away at every turn – a talented crypto-native team who have been building decentralized applications on Ethereum together since their teens. They presented us with a powerful vision of creating the one-stop shop for DeFi. With a sharp eye for product and growth, they are rapidly bringing that vision to life. 

Zerion is a beautiful, frictionless interface on which retail investors can manage their DeFi portfolios across different protocols and multiple wallets. It is now emerging as one of the leading interfaces for DeFi, reaching over 200K MAUs and >$5M in daily trading volume. Zerion is a non-custodial product that allows any user to connect or create a wallet, and use an elegant interface to deposit, invest, trade, lend, and borrow assets. 

Being non-custodial, Zerion can be used by anyone worldwide. With large segments of the global population unable to participate in the traditional financial markets, Zerion (and DeFi more generally) is enabling a step-change in global financial inclusion.

We’ve found Zerion’s product to be uniquely delightful – a single hub for all our DeFi interactions, with a seamless journey from onboarding to transacting, wide coverage of protocols and indices, and a range of tools to help educate users into a complex market.

Looking to the future, Zerion’s intrigue runs deeper. We see the team as uniquely positioned to build the largest index of financial instruments on Ethereum, and other public blockchains. Here, the concept widens from today’s offering to a future goal resembling a ‘PageRank for DeFi’. As tokens (and L1 protocols) proliferate, discovery of assets and projects becomes an increasing challenge – and the team that solves it may enjoy tremendous upside.

DeFi is clearly a nascent market – yet we think it may grow into a vast opportunity. We’re optimistic that overall DeFi adoption can continue to grow, as the developer ecosystem deepens, new protocols are built, and assets continue to flow in (both retail and institutional). As this plays out, our blue-sky bet is that Zerion will emerge as a major portal for the financial products of the future, cementing their emerging position as a central access point to the ecosystem.

We’re honored to partner with Zerion alongside our friends at Placeholder, Lightspeed, and Blockchain.com Ventures. As the Zerion team helps to define the future of money, we’re thrilled to be part of the next chapter.