Why We Invested in Vektor AI - a Platform Unlocking Mentoring for Tech Talent

Published on
November 23, 2022
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Why We Invested in Vektor AI - a Platform Unlocking Mentoring for Tech Talent

Careers are going through a structural upheaval: younger generations are opting for fluidity over structure, autonomy over stability. Long gone are the days where people retire in the company where they started as a graduate; Millennials and Gen Z are job hopping like never before and the trend is only accelerating. 

As more people ditch the corporate ladder to become self-employed, join a startup or pursue a few different careers at once, most reap the benefits of greater flexibility but lose out on corporate benefits like mentoring programs or formal training. Remote work has taught us how to connect efficiently with people online but at the cost of the serendipity of real-life connections. When we’re no longer in the same room with other people day-in-day-out, year-in-year out, many miss the opportunity to learn from more experienced leaders and organically build relationships with potential mentors. 

This is the specific problem that Vektor AI has set out to address.

Meet Vektor: a mentoring platform for the modern worker

Founded by ex Meta power duo Anna Buldakova and Victor Buldakov, Vektor is a platform which uses matching technology to connect talent with experienced mentors, and complements this with ongoing, highly personalised career guidance materials from subject matter experts. 

Vektor provides the opportunity for both mentors and mentees to build a network of like-minded individuals through which to share experiences and learn from, outside of the formal structures of a specific company.

Anna and Victor are the dream team to go after this problem. They are both experienced operators, combining deep product expertise with technical prowess. They have also already proven they have a penchant for building communities - on the side of her previous role, Anna single-handedly built an informal mentorship network of tech professionals via a Telegram bot and her blog - about product management - has over 30k members. 

Joining the team are talent from companies such as Klarna, Figma and Uber and product experts from Meta and YouTube. 

We are incredibly excited to be partnering with them, alongside our friends at Cherry Ventures and angel investors including Bradley Horowitz (Google), Ujjwal Singh (Meta), Paul Forster (Indeed), and others, as they embark on this highly impactful journey to revolutionise career mentorship and professional growth.