Reimagining the future of buy-to-let. Why we invested in GetGround.

Published on
October 18, 2021
Bart Dessaint
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Reimagining the future of buy-to-let. Why we invested in GetGround.

Real estate is the world’s largest asset class: UK buy-to-let alone is £1.2T. Yet it remains completely un-securitised and inefficiently managed. Individual investors often find themselves lacking a clear view of property yield, while having to manage an ever-changing landscape of regulations and tax laws.

Enter GetGround, a service that automates the creation and management of asset holding companies for non-institutional investors. GetGround’s platform programmatically incorporates the company, sets up a linked bank account and generates ongoing accounting and legal documentation – giving landlords a consolidated and consistent view of their investment property.

Five years ago, ~20% of all buy-to-let transactions in the UK flowed through corporate structures, frequently only available to sophisticated investors with the ability to pay for hefty lawyer/accounting fees. Today, 65% of all buy-to-let transactions flow through companies, representing over £120bn of property value. GetGround Is making this increasingly accessible to a new class of landlord with a compelling product that is truly 10x cheaper than the competition.

When we first met Moubin and Misrab, in 2018, it was clear that they were going to build a large business. Two brothers with very different career paths - Moubin, a medical doctor, turned consultant, turned private equity professional, and Misrab - a star data scientist at one of Southeast Asia's most eminent growth companies. 

As we have gotten to know them better over the past year, we’ve been impressed by their fundamental understanding of this complex market. They have operational chops second to none, and the burning desire to build a generation-defining company in a space that needs better workflows and democratised exchange. 

GetGround has all the ingredients to win this emerging category – so it has been an honour to partner with Moubin, Misrab and the GetGround team, leading their seed financing in 2019, alongside our friends at Hambro Perks. 

We were delighted to have welcomed Yusuf and the team at QED on board in 2020; and are collectively thrilled to be a part of the next chapter in GetGround’s story.