Meet Johannes Barth - Mosaic's New Head of Analytics

Published on
September 30, 2022
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Meet Johannes Barth - Mosaic's New Head of Analytics

We’re excited to welcome Johannes Barth onboard as our new Head of Analytics. Johannes will play a crucial role in helping us streamline and automate our investment process. Optimising our workflows will not only help us identify the best investment opportunities faster, but it will also help us spend less time crunching data to give us more time to meet with brilliant founders. 

We poached Johannes from PE firm Montagu. Before joining Montagu, he worked as an Engagement Manager at Faculty and consultant at OC&C.

Our thematic approach drives us to be proactive in building relationships with inspiring founders. We invest in our BI and tools to leverage our knowledge and expertise into building early conviction and being able to move fast. I’m excited to have Johannes on board. His thoughtfulness and experience will help us serve both our existing and future founders. - Ziv Tubin, VP, Operations

Johannes, welcome to the team! How do you think data can play a key role for VCs? 

I could see three potential themes playing out in the next few years. Leveraging data & analytics to identify and diligence investment opportunities (1), more automated and nuanced portfolio reporting (2), which in turn could also help to identify and advise on growth/cost-saving opportunities (3) for founders. Considering the competitive investment environment, I believe that just writing a cheque isn’t good enough anymore; timing, angle, expertise and chemistry between founders and investors are factors that matter more than ever. This places more emphasis on the relations between founders and investors, so data & analytics can play a vital role in sifting through the thousands of opportunities that are out there, narrowing it down to the most relevant ones and giving us more time to build strong and meaningful relationships.

What made you interested in taking the leap into VC?

I like working in an environment that is so close to the pulse of innovation. The themes we are looking at today might become part of our everyday lives in 5-10 years.

Any trends you’re particularly excited about at the moment? 

Something close to my (professional) heart is that there seems to be a reevaluation happening around how we train ML/AI models, gradually moving away from a resource heavy ‘boiling the ocean’ approach, to 'how can we be smarter and more nimble about data and computation requirements' while not sacrificing performance. On a more personal level, I am super excited about where aviation will get to in the next 5-10 years to reduce carbon emissions.