What We Invest In

In terms of business model, we focus on platforms, marketplaces (or more generally: network effect driven businesses), SaaS ... and occasionally open source. We are high conviction, theme-driven investors, concentrating our time in areas where we come with a prepared mind We have invested in over 20 startups in our core themes, areas in which Europe has world-leading capabilities:

  • Blockchain, crypto and the decentralized web. Decentralized ledgers and programmatic trust mechanisms facilitate radically new structures of exchange. We were early: three of the first four investments in 2014 were blockchain startups. London and Berlin have emerged as leading nodes.

  • Computational health: continuous bio-tracking combined with newly codified biological knowledge (especially from -omics data) enable near real-time diagnosis, as well as adaptive and personalized therapeutics. Our venture partner Dr Jack Kreindler is a thought leader in this space.

  • Machine intelligence. We believe the impact of machine learning will be pervasive across all industries and businesses. Proprietary access to broad, low cost, well-labeled, unique training data with long duration relevance is critical. Europe has an extraordinary depth of technical talent here — including DeepMind, arguably the foremost commercial AI lab in the world, walking distance from our London office.

  • Mobility and Location Services. Communities and mobile connectivity are bringing transformative fluidity to the movement of people, goods and sensors, both in the urban context and beyond. Historic talent in mapping, computer vision, and of course the automotive industry are a demonstrably firm basis for company creation here.

  • Finance 2.0. The combination of previously siloed financial data and novel interfaces can create newly empowering products, unbundling banks and insurance companies into best-of-breed services both for individuals and enterprises. London’s status as global financial centre and talent pool has naturally led to fintech becoming a core theme.