Thank you London!

Published on
April 28, 2015
Toby Coppel
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Thank you London!

We'd like to thank all of our friends, colleagues and supporters who joined us Monday night at the Institute for Contemporary Arts to celebrate the official launch of Mosaic Ventures. We've been working hard since we announced the firm last September and it was wonderful to make it official, introduce Mosaic and of course thank everyone who has had a part in helping us get to this point.

We're excited to be taking our place in the European tech ecosystem, and we were fortunate to spend the evening surrounded by other people helping it go from strength to strength. So thank you to the co-conspirators, to the entrepreneurs who joined us, it is our privilege to work with you.

Special thanks are due to our good friend Sherry Coutu for a real grilling on the Q&A panel! We had a chance to to talk about why we're so excited about Europe, where we see the most compelling opportunities as well as the qualities we look for in a founder and Sherry did a fantastic job hosting.

We also talked a bit about our values and what we hope to achieve with Mosaic and we're overwhelmed by the support for what the three of us are trying to do.

Also, huge thanks to Taavet Hinrikus from Transferwise, who shared some insights about his own journey as an entrepreneur as well as his motto "go everywhere and do everything". This is very fitting as he jets out to China in 2 weeks to run the Great Wall Marathon (having completed the Sierra Leone one last year!). Taavet's just the kind of founder we like at Mosaic, his ambition is boundless: we all know Transferwise is on an amazing trajectory, yet he told us, "if our journey ended here I'd be tempted to call this a failure". You can only judge your progress based on where you've been and where you're headed, and at Transferwise, there is still much they want to do.

To quote Taavet again "the best advice I've been given is from people with whom I've built a trusted relationship". So thank you again, friends, we'll look forward to building more of those relationships and what promises to be a bright future ahead!

Simon & Toby