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Original research: Sentiment of seed investors in Europe

Great entrepreneurs dream about creating new sectors, reshaping entire industries and fundamentally disrupting the status quo. Seed stage is the inaugural moment in every startup’s lifecycle, and often impacts the trajectory of a company’s journey. Investors who make these early bets, in no small part, help to shape the startup’s ability to succeed in the years to come.

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Mosaic Ventures Podcast: Fireside chat with Y Combinator President, Sam Altman

In this podcast, Mosaic partners Simon Levene and Mike Chalfen explore with Sam Altman his interest in “hard tech” sectors including Energy and Synthetic Life.  Sam also discusses YC’s strategy and future including the new $700 continuity fund as well as the launch of YC research, a nonprofit research lab (including the famed initiative around universal basic income).

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Our Investment in Blockstream

At a time when sceptics are speculating about the demise of bitcoin the currency, and casting doubt on the viability of the “trustless trust” blockchain on which it’s built, it’s worth reiterating why we are long-term believers in this space, and the potential for Blockstream’s approach. We believe one of their key innovations, “sidechains”, could become an important solution to some of the structural and constitutional issues the blockchain will need in order to reach its full potential.

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