What we invest in

Published on
September 20, 2014
Toby Coppel
What we invest in

We invest in founders.

Great founders are rare. Pioneers, geniuses, rule-breakers. Forging their own path with a drive to "make a dent in the universe."

Like many great founders, you have some of the following traits in your DNA:

Courage of conviction

A true believer by nature, you are brave enough to challenge convention and you have been proven right in the past.


You are mission-driven, not a mercenary. This is a mountain that you chose to climb and you are determined to conquer. It's worth some of your best years.


Carpe diem. You can go a long way with limited capital. You make your own luck. You find a way to the best advisors and business partners.


You are stubborn, but honest and transparent even when the going is uncertain. You like to listen to and learn from others and enjoy being challenged, but you make the decisions.

Here is what we look for in the companies we invest in:

Big, attractive markets

A great market can cover a lot of sins. And when the right team meets a great market, something special happens, especially when you are first and define the space.

Radical innovation

We fall in love with original products and services that make or revolutionize their markets. Where customers are evangelists and can't imagine a world without you.


You have handpicked a killer team. Your first hires are stars who will scale with your ambition and share your passion.


Your small size is a strength - you are fast and nimble. You measure everything and adapt quickly, and thrive on overcoming obstacles. When the model is working, you put your foot on the gas.


We know things rarely go to plan. That's okay. Like you, we're in the risk business. We prefer to swing for the fences and look towards the sky, and expect to make some mistakes.

We build conviction about macro investment themes and focus our activities around them. Today we are focused on several areas that include (but are not limited to): marketplaces, next generation finance and payments, bitcoin and the blockchain, SaaS for SMEs, analytics, education and health.

We invest in fewer than 10 new companies per year, so are thrilled when great entrepreneurs choose Mosaic as their partner.

We look forward to getting to know you.