Welcome to our new Venture Partner, Dr Jack Kreindler!

Published on
December 16, 2017
Toby Coppel
Welcome to our new Venture Partner, Dr Jack Kreindler!

It is with great pleasure that we welcome the latest addition to the Mosaic team, our new venture partner Dr Jack Kreindler. Jack is a serial entrepreneur and a world-leading physician and physiologist. He will work with our investment team to help us discover and evaluate the most exciting digital health companies in Europe.

Dr Kreindler has an incredibly impressive history and track record. In 2007, Jack founded CHHP, The Centre for Health and Human Performance, in London's Harley Street. There he leads a cross-disciplinary team of medical experts who both work with world-class athletes on performance optimisation, and with clients to pro-actively improve their health, prevent disease and maximise "quality longevity" shrinking the gap between health-span and lifespan. Jack is also the Founder and Chairman of Sentrian, a company that aims to eliminate preventable hospitalization by using a combination of remote biosensors and machine learning to remotely detect patient deterioration.

Earlier in his career, Jack worked as an A&E physician for the NHS in the UK for ten years, led Douglas Adams' graphical user interface team for for h2g2.com (the first Wikipedia), and has even been on prime time TV in a heavyweight cage-fight in the name of medical 'research'. I think it's fair to say that he's a polymath, and still has a few surprises up his sleeve.

We have long admired the size and scale of Jack's ambition, and have frequently asked him to share his wisdom with our community, not only as an advisor behind-closed-doors, but also via an exceptional roundtable that we hosted together, which culminated in a podcast that warrants a listen for anyone interested in the future of healthcare. Jack is particularly passionate about computational discovery in healthcare, whether for biopharma, early disease detection and other machine learning-driven applications.

Digital health is extremely important to us all at Mosaic, and we have a genuine desire to increase our commitment to the sector over the coming years. But we realise that healthcare is something you need to treat with respect, and the utmost diligence. Companies in digital health aren't just making certain services smarter, quicker or more readily available; they are solving critical problems that will help people stay healthier for longer, or mean that people who live with medical conditions can lead better lives. These kind of companies are changing the world, and are the exactly the kind of companies we want to fund.

In Jack's own words, "I'm really excited to join the Mosaic team. The track record of the team speaks for itself, and I can't wait to start working alongside them. Healthcare technology companies have the power to change the world, and and I look forward to helping Mosaic identify and partner with the best founders in Europe"