Original research: Sentiment of seed investors in Europe

Published on
June 4, 2018
Simon Levene
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Original research: Sentiment of seed investors in Europe

Great entrepreneurs dream about creating new sectors, reshaping entire industries and fundamentally disrupting the status quo. Seed stage is the inaugural moment in every startup's lifecycle, and often impacts the trajectory of a company's journey. Investors who make these early bets, in no small part, help to shape the startup's ability to succeed in the years to come.

In conducting this research, we specifically set out to capture the sentiment of the Europe-based seed investment ecosystem. It reflects a moment in time (Q3/Q4 2017), and intends to collate insight from a broad base of leading seed investors across the continent - to take the temperature of the community, and help build a picture of the seed landscape.

At Mosaic, we typically invest after seed, in a company's Series A round. We work alongside the seed community every day so we hope that taking the pulse of the seed investor ecosystem will provide useful insights for the founder and investor ecosystems alike.

We would like to extend our thanks to everyone who made this report possible. First and foremost to all of the respondents. Everyone who participated is either a General Partner of a European seed fund, or serial angel investor.

You can view the research in full on Slideshare here

Sentiment of Seed Investors in Europe from Mosaic Ventures