Building and Scaling Criteo with Pascal Gauthier

Published on
March 2, 2017
Toby Coppel
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Building and Scaling Criteo with Pascal Gauthier

In the latest episode of the Mosaic Podcast we are joined by Pascal Gauthier, who over the last 15 years has been immersed in some of the fastest growing digital media and advertising companies to come out of Europe. Starting his career in price comparison service Kelkoo (Aqd Yahoo), he joined Criteo in 2008 as a fledging startup where he remained as COO until its IPO on the NASDAQ where it is now valued at 3bn. last year he joined us as a Venture Partner based in Paris.

In the podcast we discuss building and scaling Criteo, competing with Google and expanding into the US.

"The biggest mistake we made going to the US was not hiring the right Rolodex"

In addition, we take a look at the rapidly growing Paris technology ecosystem and attempt to dispel some of the misgivings about policy in France.

"France has its own set of rules you just need to work within them"

If you're a company in Paris working on ambitious projects, we'd love to hear from you. You can read more about the Mosaic story and what we invest in here.