Adieu Pascal!

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September 28, 2017
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Adieu Pascal!

It is with bitter-sweet feelings that we bid adieu to Pascal Gauthier, who has started the next chapter of his career as President of Ledger, the secure bitcoin hardware wallet.

Pascal will always have a special place in the firm's story, as our first Venture Partner. From the moment he joined the Mosaic family, Pascal has been on hand to help us identify the brightest and best entrepreneurs working in Paris, feed them at his famed oyster bar, and to provide strategic and operational advice to our founders. His commitment to Mosaic was very much appreciated.

Pascal was at the vanguard of Mosaic's activities in France, and he did a fantastic job of developing our relationships in the Paris startup ecosystem. Of course, even with Pascal departing for pastures new, we remain committed to France. It is a great moment for the country, as the nation's rich vein of engineering talent is inspired to entrepreneurship, under the auspices of a new President who has repeatedly vocalised his commitment to the tech sector. Needless to say, you will still see plenty of Mosaic in France! Our portfolio company Teemo, continues to go from strength to strength and we are actively looking for more founders to partner with.

Simon and I have known Pascal since Yahoo! acquired Kelkoo in 2004. We also worked closely together when he was COO of Criteo, and I was a board member and early investor. Going way back for over a dozen years, we have shared many adventures, and it is fair to say that Pascal will remain a great friend of the firm in the years to come.

We wish him and Ledger every success in the future, and have no doubt that he will continue to do great things.

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