Our Story

Venture capital is when early stage investors partner with the world's best entrepreneurs.

Where those entrepreneurs reside is constantly evolving in our complex world, based on talent, emerging technologies and supporting capital.

Through our experience in operations (Excite@Home, then together at Yahoo!) each of which achieved $30-50 billion outcomes, we have seen the Valley approach to company-building first hand. We are convinced that if a founder’s ambitions are truly category-leading or paradigm-defining, it’s helpful for their investors to bring a “Silicon Valley” mentality to support them. As an investment philosophy, we see this as descending from pioneers like Arthur Rock and Tom Perkins in the 1970s, comprising of guidance, support through risk and challenge, aiming for an outsized outcome, founded on a shared thesis.

As native Europeans, we also noticed that although the ingredients for global businesses was present, i.e. technical talent, scaleable business models, international team; the local capital support was largely risk minimizing, rate limiting or multi-stage.

We got our start in the market as angels (e.g. Criteo and Transferwise) and with larger platforms (Accel and Index) but similarly to the companies we back, we decided to seize the opportunity in the market and build the leading Series A focused fund across EU.

And in building a new firm we have decided to do a few things differently, from values to investment thesis, to ensure our customers, the best entrepreneurs, have the experience they deserve on their company building journey.