Juliet Bailin


Associate Partner

Hello! My name is Juliet and I am elated to join the Mosaic Ventures team as an Associate Partner.

Before moving to London, I worked for Insight Venture Partners in New York, an $18bn growth VC/PE fund focused on software. During my three years there, I invested across stages and industries, eventually doubling down on the fascinating products transforming healthcare. Partnering with the teams at Hinge Health, Nearpod, Parachute Health, Virgin Pulse, and others gave me a profound respect for founders’ grit. I realized I wanted to support founders and their teams far earlier and join a start-up ecosystem that was itself in hyper growth. London was calling.

My migration to Europe was inevitable. I grew up following my British grandfather through museums in New York and Venice, learning about natural history and renaissance art. That early education spilled into my studies at Harvard University, where I focused on modern British imperial history and wrote my thesis about the concentration camps in South Africa during the Boer War. When I entered the venture world, I began to fully appreciate the benefits of being academically trained in cultural and intellectual pattern recognition. These skills enable me to identify tech innovators and to understand the depth and extent of changes driving different economies.

History was my first love, but tech has been my most fervent. In high school I convinced my teacher to let me drop out of physics to build my first website (which thankfully can no longer be found). At Harvard, I led the largest undergraduate business organization, Harvard Undergraduate Women in Business, and helped design our conference’s first mobile application. Today, I am most intrigued by ideas that dissolve enterprise inefficiencies and by technologies that extract behaviour-changing insights from the deluge of data individuals and organizations generate every day.  

When I am not meeting Europe’s most innovative humans, you can find me running by the Thames, making risotto, or reading historical fiction. 

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