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Original research: Sentiment of seed investors in Europe

Great entrepreneurs dream about creating new sectors, reshaping entire industries and fundamentally disrupting the status quo. Seed stage is the inaugural moment in every startup’s lifecycle, and often impacts the trajectory of a company’s journey. Investors who make these early bets, in no small part, help to shape the startup’s ability to succeed in the years to come.

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Saving for retirement - can startups solve the pain points?

Fees are the first thing you should look at before choosing a pension manager and fund. Buy cheap and you have a significantly better chance of making money than if you buy expensive. The growth of roboadvisors and their success in attracting client assets shows that retail investors are recognising this. However, while roboadvisors have kept absolute fees very low, there are other areas in which they have not innovated.

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What funding is right for you?

A big question founders often ask themselves is when should their startup raise venture capital. In the 20 years since we began investing the cost of starting an Internet driven business has fallen dramatically, but entrepreneurs usually need to finance their growth with outside money at some point. But before we address the when, it’s important to address the why

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Body and soul

One of my partners was heading past me the other day with an entrepreneur and as he ushered her in, he asked "are you sure we can't get you something to eat?".

It reminded me of a writer I admire, Michael Pollan, who champions a more mindful approach to how we eat.  As well as decommoditizing food, he makes the simple anthropological observation that “the shared meal elevates eating from a mechanical process of fueling the body, to a ritual of family and community.”  

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