Y Combinator is the leading Silicon Valley accelerator program, with a mission to “enable the most innovation of any company in the world, in order to make the future great for everyone”. Over the last decade YC has funded over 3,200 founders and 1470 companies, including big tech successes Airbnb, Cruise, Docker, Reddit and Stripe — all-­told, approaching a combined market cap of $100Bn.

Mosaic Ventures is excited to host Sam Altman, President of Y Combinator on Monday March 27th, in conversation with Simon Levene and Toby Coppel. Pitched in large part towards prospective founders, you will learn about Sam’s wide-ranging perspective on the future of tech, and why startups matter to the world.  Hear first-hand about the tech ecosystem: how to form a winning team, develop a great idea, raise money from top tier investors and more.

We will also discuss YC's newly launched online Startup School, as well as pressing issues ranging from the Future of Work, starting non-profits and how tech can potentially Improve Democracy.