Farooq Abbasi



SaaS, Infrastructure, Data / Analytics, Marketplaces, Digital Health, Fintech

Prior investments

RemitlyShiphawkSmarking, Robin, Simple Contacts, Swipe Sense

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My name is Farooq Abbasi and I’m pleased to have joined the Mosaic Ventures team.

A Chicagoan and second generation immigrant, I am fortunate to have experienced the business and culture of six cities spanning 3 continents thus far. My family has been a driving force in my development and my first exposure to entrepreneurship was thanks to my sister’s ambitious career path, having co-founded and grown a startup to several thousand employees worldwide over 10 years with the support of a valuable bench of investors and advisors.

With a back seat view to that journey and eager to learn more, I sought out and worked with the General Catalyst team in Silicon Valley during college which deepened my interest in the field of startups as well as opened my eyes to what talented software engineers could build.  On graduating I joined Sandbox Industries, a technology incubator and corporate venture capital fund with a focus on healthcare - it was here I had my first foray in entrepreneurship employing lean startup methodologies and value investing under the mentorship of two great operators (Nick Rosa and Bob Schapiro; Nutrasweet and Monsanto).  Following a brief stint at a Bay Area-based investment bank, I worked at DN Capital's Sand Hill Road offices, supporting the team’s successful momentum-based investing strategy targeting tech laggard industries. Forever grateful for these learnings, I am keen to work with entrepreneurs who live even closer to the edge of technological innovation in the face of sometimes highly competitive dynamics and / or an unproven market.  This view brought me to Mosaic.

What excites me is the marriage of technology and entrepreneurship. There is a possibility to transform business and unlock operational leverage through product in every industry, but also on a personal level, I am inspired by the belief and self-reliance required to start and propel a young venture. At Mosaic, I hope to work with such entrepreneurs in a thriving European technology ecosystem and, at a minimum, support their ambitions with well-positioned capital and provide a few short cuts on their route to success.

Outside of work, I practice boxing and Muay Thai, often search for premier bagel / coffee shops, and attempt to mold my nieces and nephews into (tech) prodigies.