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We’re offering a a 2–3 year education in venture capital. You’ll be based in London, with some European travel, and be exposed to a huge range of technology markets and startups. You will become an integral part of our investment team. What happens after that will be down to you: maybe you’ll join one of our portfolio companies, work on your own startup or, if you discover you love it as much as we do, continue investing as a venture capitalist.

Your primary role will be to help find and evaluate startups for investment by Mosaic. Each month we intersect with a huge number of businesses, many which approach us, and the first challenge is to figure out which we should spend time considering. It’s essential to prioritize, filter and assess quickly and thoroughly.

We don’t wait for the pitches to roll in, however. More important is the outbound work, building relationships with the most ambitious founders across Europe before they’re necessarily planning a fundraise. We’re a small team with a lot of ground to cover, we don’t often miss something great but we all take it personally if we do.

As for the people, you’ll be joining three co-founders with decades of experience as investors and operators in Europe and Silicon Valley. We founded Mosaic last year as a small equal partnership by design, and you can expect an open and straightforward culture. Also important, our values drive our behaviour and the same goes for everyone on our team. Our style is socratic, no-nonsense and collegiate, so being able to challenge others and defend your opinions is essential. Everyone at Mosaic looks out for each other and we laugh a lot too.

Day-to-day as a Mosaic Associate Partner you can expect to be:

  • Meeting with entrepreneurs and businesses.
  • Researching for potential investments, which will likely require testing products and services, or scenario modelling (ie. what does Mosaic have to believe for this to become an important, valuable business; what are the biggest risks?)
  • Supporting the partners in the investment process, especially in due diligence.
  • Supporting Mosaic portfolio companies as they grow their business. This could include analysing competitors, market opportunities or attending board meetings.

There’s also an internal element:

  • Our own investors are central to what we do, and you’ll take part in keeping them informed, helping to prepare materials for quarterly updates and our annual meeting.
  • Designing and executing projects such as thematic events to help Mosaic and/or our portfolio companies.

The person we’re looking for:

  • Has passion for and real understanding of the ecosystem of web and mobile services.
  • Is deeply familiar with web technologies. We expect curiosity, someone who spends a spare hour learning and looking at new and innovative stuff.
  • Will be a driven self starter. Your work and time is open-ended by nature, and you must be able to identify and execute on opportunities to contribute to the team with modest management/direction.
  • Has strong written and oral communication skills, able to hold your own and represent Mosaic. You’ll also be organised, juggling a lot of balls in the air.
  • Enjoys working in Excel, Google Docs (analysing data is an important part of what we do) and a variety of other online services.
  • Is highly motivated and thrives in a small, relatively unstructured office environment. There are peer Associates Partners alongside whom its important you work as a team, but we are kind of a startup ourselves, and everybody hustles.

Prior Experience

First and foremost you will have a love for technology and the world of startups, preferably demonstrated through your past work, and at the very least by meaningful current involvement with the internet ecosystem. We are happy to consider folks ranging from two-year college graduates, to those with a graduate degree and/or more years of relevant work experience.

It’s likely you will have worked in one of these three environments before:

  • A startup or leading technology business. Candidates with experience in a product or engineering role are particularly welcome.
  • Another investment group, preferably focused on Internet, mobile and software.
  • An advisory business such as an investment bank or consulting firm, with a deep sector focus on Internet and emerging technologies.

European languages, especially German and/or the Nordic countries, are a real plus.

Please reply with the following

  1. A resume, plus we’d love to see links that will help us get to know you. This could be your personal blog, Github profile or Twitter account — whatever represents you best. We expect your web presence to represent who you are unfiltered, so don’t sweat about editing yourself.
  2. We’d like to get a quick sense of what kind of investments you like. So we’re asking each applicant to share 3–4 startups — ideally in Europe, or ones you know up close — that you think Mosaic should seriously consider investing in, and the reasons why. If you can’t come up with 3–4, then augment with 1–2 that you think we should have invested in the past year (with the same rationale).

Next steps

To apply, please send an email to  We will be in touch where we see a great fit.

We look forward to meeting you!

SimonMike and Toby